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Mourning capital

Savassi must host bigger public during game this Friday

Even without the shows scheduled to the stages, security structure, traffic and bars get ready to host big crowd at the non-official events that broadcast the Cup

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Savassi bars get ready to host big crowd during matches this Friday (4)
PUBLICADO EM 04/07/14 - 16h04

Belo Horizonte administration has cancelled the official events related to the World Cup in the city this Friday (4), due to a three-day mourning period in memory of the victims of the overpass collapsed this Thursday (3) in Pedro I avenue.

Among the events, are the Savassi Cultural shows. In spite of that, the initially estimated public, of 30 thousand people, must still show up to the traditional region of bars in Centre-South region.

Expectations, in fact, are that more supporters go to the street events in Savassi, according to the Military Police. The MP expects the place to receive part of the supporters who would watch the matches in the Fan Fests (official events of broadcasting), which have been cancelled by Belo Horizonte city hall, due to the mourning for the victims of Pedro I's overpass collapse.

In the morning, traffic agents already made bypasses in Savassi region, Belo Horizonte's traffic agency's cones and trestles have been put to stop vehicles from parking in strategic spots, and chemical toilets started being installed near Diogo Vasconcelos square (Savassi square). The stages are assembled and equipped, despite the shows fabing been cancelled.

MP has informed that will close streets in the region according to the size of the crowd that occupies Savassi this afternoon.

Cancelled events

Besides Fan Fest in Expominas and the shows in Savassi, Belo Horizonte administration also cancelled Point da Brahma, in JK square, Conexão BH, in Mercado das Borboletas, Samba da Quadra, in Escola de Samba do Cidade Jardim, Espaço OI, in Mercado Central and Casa da Copa, in Budmansion.


The first game of the day is at 1 p. m., when Germany and France play in Rio de Janeiro. Five p. m. is the time for Brazil vs. Colombia, in Fortaleza.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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Mourning capital

Savassi must host bigger public during game this Friday
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